Five tips if you are shopping on a tight budget


Grocery shopping is a very essential duty in every household. However, choosing what to buy is where the act becomes too complicated for comfort. If you are having trouble choosing which items to put in your cart, then here is a list of tips that can help you decide. These tips are so simple that you can do them at the last minute before going to the store or as you are reading this short guide.

Have a complete plan of meals for the following week

Plan everything that you will eat on three meals of each day for next week to prevent impulse buying. That includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you only eat homemade meals in one or two of those three meals, then making a meal plan is easier. Remember, this is not a diet plan so carbs and protein are not factors. You just need to decide what you plan to eat so you can better plan what to buy at the grocery store.

Make changes to that plan based on how much you can spend

Your budget is your ultimate limit to your weekly plans. LYF Foods suggests making the list of meals first before plotting your budget to prioritise nutrition over savings. Budget should only determine what ingredients you will be using to make your favourite dinner. This includes switching to cheaper brands or buying some ingredients in bulk as they are cheaper than if sold in retail. 

Only buy perishable goods you will use on that meal plan

Fruits and vegetables have a relatively short shelf life even if they are refrigerated. Only buy the exact amount that you know you will use in your meal plan. Extra fruits and vegetables will only spoil and be inedible after a week so don’t buy more just because a stack is cheaper than per piece. The only types of food that you should buy in bulk are those with long shelf life and easy to store like grains, meat, or potatoes. 

Consider online shopping for non-perishable goods

Kitchenware and appliances tend to be sold at a higher price than their suggested retail price as the store also needs to add their expenses on top of the profit. The same products can be found in online shopping websites at a lower price. Many of them would even come with huge discounts during the holiday season. 

Take advantage of  discount opportunities

Every store will offer discounts on some days of the year. This is often present in the holiday season, end of the year, or over the weekends. Some food will also be sold at a discount if they are near their expiry date. Although it seems unappealing, buying food near the end of their shelf life is a practical tactic in committing to your budget without sacrificing comfort or nutrition. It is still good for consumption until its expiry date so move the meal you’ll use with it earlier in your weekly schedule if necessary. 

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